Basic information

INSEKO a.s. company was established in 1991. Since 2005 it is certified according to ISO 9001:2001. In 2010 strategic alliance with IPESOFT s.r.o. company was created – IPESOFT s.r.o. is a leader in delivering complex IT solutions for energy and industrial companies on the basis of own real-time technologies (D2000) on the Slovak market. Capital link of the companies set prerequisites for taking advantage of synergies of offered solutions and is a guarantee of a complex coverage of customers’ requirements during implementations. Together we represent capacity of more than 130 qualified workers in Slovakia.

Philosophy of our joint-stock company is derived from the aim, which we are going to fulfil. This aim is to get your confidence as our customer, satisfy your needs in the area in which we operates, and behave in the manner to remain your stable supplier in the future. This can become true, because INSEKO a.s. company offers you products and advantages in such composition and quality, which you cannot commonly find. Moreover we want to become more than your suppliers – we want to be your partners

Company’s activities

Company Seat:

 Information System
Systems Integration - to ERP and subsystems (SCADA, GIS...)

Funkcionality development according to customers requests

Bytčická 2, 010 01 Žilina, Slovakia, 1-5 floor

INSEKO a.s. is systems integrator dealing with customers’ requirements in the area of information systems, relating technologies and business processes. On the Slovak and also Czech market of information technologies it offers implementation, training and consultation services for enterprises which need tools and experiences for automation of preparation of maintenance works, for reduction of shutdown times of equipment and for overall increase of work productivity in equipment maintenance. Since 1997 INSEKO, a.s. delivers and implements enterprise asset management information system Infor EAM by globally operating American firm INFOR, and at the same time regarding close connection, it implements real-time systems developed by mother company IPESOFT. 
INSEKO a.s. - team dealing with EAM systems is highly qualified team with experiences from middle but also large EAM projects in SK and CZ. We would like to mainly point out our long-term experiences from implementation and solution operation of Infor EAM project in Slovnaft company in Bratislava with large scope of integrations including GIS and ORACLE, or Infor EAM system implementation for SSE Žilina in SAP environment with significant emphasis on GIS and mobile clients. Productive operation of INFOR EAM Enterprise was launched in 2013 in NAFTA a.s. Bratislava company and in 2015 in MND a.s. Hodonín company (Moravské naftové doly). You can find more information about our customers in the section References.
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