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Infor EAM Enterprise is a solution with full web architecture integrating complex of modules, because of which companies can proactively approach to asset management, information about assets and their maintenance. It unites asset management modules which are best in their category, unique functions for operations improvement and efficiency increase and supplementary modules, because of which it is possible to adapt solution to specific requirements of every customer in the area of asset management and maintenance.

Infor EAM Enterprise includes groundbreaking technology which provides user with correct information in correct time which is called Infor Workspace. This includes unified navigation, login to the system with one password, access to the system on one click, personalization, web components, abbreviations for fast and easy information transfer by the reasonable manner.

Infor EAM Enterprise is used by more than 10 000 organizations in the world – both private and public – Infor EAM solution is used for better management, maintenance and own assets monitoring, as well as to improve decision-making in the area of maintenance, inventory/warranty, downtimes, risks management and strategic planning.

Basic modules and functionality of Infor EAM Enterprise:

  • Assets (register of unlimited amount of any type of equipment, linear assets functionality)
  • VTZ - administration, inspection, planning - complex evidence, planning and reporting of technical equipment according to the Decree MPSVaR SR č. 508/2009 Z.z. 
  • Facility - all functionality for Facility management
  • Assets’ electronic documentation (unlimited amount of attachments: pdf, doc, jpg, avi, ...)
  • Asset hierarchy management (tree structure until n-th level)
  • Asset management services (commercial services)
  • Maintenance management (register of performed works, work orders...)
  • Preventive maintenance flexibility (performing tasks based on determined date, period or parameter)
  • Audit (monitoring of performed actions in the application)
  • Budget management (setting up and evaluation of maintenance costs)
  • Inbox and Scorecard withKPI (setting up key indicators on the home page)
  • Materials management (complex inventory management – purchase, outputs, spare parts, min-max, on-line stock levels)
  • Messenger (sending out electronic notifications about arisen events)
  • Microsoft Project interface (two-way interface for the planning needs)
  • Multi-organization support (coverage of whole group within one application – mother anddaughter companies)
  • Upload utility (quick upload of new items)
  • Metering function (assigning of unlimited number of meters to equipment)
  • Basic reporting ( standard system reports)
  • World language mutation ( SK, CZ, EN, GER ... )
  • More Advanced modules and functions (Fleet park, Electronic signatures, Calibration...)
Inboxy a Scorecard with KPI,

Asset(Equipment) card,

Infor EAM Enterprise helps you:

  • Reduce risks and costs 
  • Increase growth capacity 
  • Automate and streamline processes
  • Support qualified decision-making
  • Monitor equipment energy consumption
  • Easily configure your needs
Electronical documentation

Product sheet:  LetákA4_EAM_2017_2.pdf

I am interested in the presentation of the INFOR EAM solution (you will be redirected to a contact form after the click here )

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