I am interested in the presentation of the OEE solution (you will be redirected to a contact form after the click here )

enables connection and monitoring of any machinery (24/7). The application has already found its use in various industrial sectors: polygraphic, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, automotive, construction, food processing or electrotechnical.  It gathers data without the necessity of operators’ involvement, automatically and in the real time. PM TOOLKIT, created in development environment D2000, data archives, processes, evaluates and displays final information to operators on PC screen situated by the device. The task for device’s operator is only to login via touchscreen, select product (order), on which is currently working, and the reason of downtime, if some has arisen (the length of a downtime which the operator is obliged to define is  user defined). At the same time, it is possible to visualize more devices on one operator PC. 

 – Real time Efficiency (OEE)

Basic properties of PM TOOLKIT :
  • automatic data collection about actual manufacturing process
  • monitoring of planned and unintended downtimes
  • possible to connect direct to control system
  • production, performance and quality monitoring
  • calculation of equipment efficiency and production (OEE)
  • monitoring of maintenance and setting-up duration
  • possibility of integration with other enterprise information systems
  • possibility of automatic data-lists actualization and synchronization
  • OEE monitoring by devices, operators, equipment groups
  • indicators trends monitoring for selected period
  • creation of analyses and reports based on archived data
  • visualization of norms correctness and fulfilment


  • Module OEE
  • Module Operator
  • Module KPI – analytical
  • Module Visualization - Hours stability
  • Module Autonomous maintenance
  • Module Alarms
  • Module Orders (possibility of integration with ERP)
  • Interface to iWi – without-paper maintenance
  • WEB user interface - Web UI 4.0
Modul KPI
Various views on data according to selected parameters (Fig. production progress for selected period).

User Master scheme
User-defined managerial view on the whole production. After the click on the selected device, the scheme is redrawn from the Operator screen to the Manager screen.

Analysis SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dies)

Method for reduction of equipment setting-up duration.

Analysis of production cycles
Detailed view on the duration of production cycles for selected time interval.

PM TOOLKIT is flexible and adjustable to customer´s requirements.

Product sheet in pdf form:LetákA4_PMT_2015_2.pdf
Product sheet Mother´s company in pdf form: LetákPMTOOLKIT_v3

 I am interested in the presentation of the OEE solution (you will be redirected to a contact form after the click here )

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