From manual registration to a system tool to increase efficiency

Kofola a.s. is a beverage group operating in several European countries. Its production includes Kofola, Vinea, Rajec, Radenska, Korunní, Ondrášovka, Kláštorná, Ugo juices, Semtex energy drink and many other brands familiar to consumers.

Problems of the past

  • Downtime records were done manually and additionally so the duration od downtime, their numbers and reason did not reflect reality.
  • As the duration of production was also recorded manually, the resulting data provided an inaccurate and insufficient overview of the production process at the production facilities.

Implementation process

  • The pilot was implemented at the Rajecká Lesná plant in 2018, followed by a gradual rollout to plants in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia. The solution is also continuously applied to group acquisitions.
  • All sites access one common server.
  • Information about the order, standard and pieces goes from SAP to PMT. The information assigned to a specific order goes back to SAP, ie. about pieces produced, time consumed; about the operators who participated in the production; about downtime – their reason, length and number.

Benefits of implemented solutions

  • The management has detailed and actual state of the production lines, as well as a close history.
  • Established single methodology for evaluating KPIs for companies of the entire group.
  • Signals from the machines make it possible not only to monitor the operation of the machine but also to automatically define downtime based on the recorded state.
  • The realization of the record of technical downtime led to the optimization of maintenance interventions. A more accurate record of technical downtime made it possible to focus on critical parts of the equipment.
  • Real-time records show that much of the downtime was tied to machine setup. The company’s management responded with increased attention to the training of employees in the area of line settings and the result was reflected in better efficiency of production equipment.
  • Significantly simplified administration in production. The gained time can be devoted to production to the operators.
  • Visualization on LED TV in production provides employees with an overview of all indicators (KPI) affecting the amount of their monthly bonuses. Visualization displays not only data from PMT but also specified data accessible from SAP. Visualization allows you to operatively display on the panels information that needs to be communicated to the device operator.

Customer statement

Tomas Holly

WCM ManagerKofola Group

We have been dealing with data processing and evaluation for a long time, but only with the help of the PMT application did it cease to be an accurate game with inaccurate numbers.

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