PMT, EAM and iWi in the ERP ABAS environment

Member of the Moravia Steel Group Kovárna VIVA is one of the most modern forges in Central Europe. We design and manufacture a wide range of stainless steel parts for the world’s leading industries. The results of our work are unique solutions and first-class quality. He designs and manufactures drop forgings from the highest quality steel for the best companies in the world industry.

Problems of the past

  • Absence of any electronic records
  • Incompatibility PRODUCTION vs. MAINTENANCE
  • There is no connection to the ERP system
  • Absence of SHOP-FLOOR system
  • No VTZ records in accordance with the decree
  • Missing visualization plans vs. reality

Implementation process

  • The project began to take shape in 2015, when the first negotiations on the implementation of a pilot project took place in early 2016. The then CEO considered that the only way they could go in this area is to develop a turnkey production management solution. , ie according to the exact requirements of executive people from the production environment. Subsequently, a group of employees was created, who prepared a detailed assignment on the basis of which an initial solution was created for the needs of monitoring forging lines.
  • Currently, the systems are operated in other parts of the production (tool shop, mechanics, logistics, delirna), as well as in the maintenance department, which uses a modern Android application as well as a native application for Windows computers. The MES system is constantly expanding and elements of paperless production and maintenance are gradually being implemented at all levels of management, which significantly helps to increase equipment efficiency and increase the efficiency of employees accessing applications supplied by INSEKO a.s.

Current scope of production monitoring

  • 12 forging lines – KOVÁRNA center – connection via digital converters with MODBUS protocol
  • 12 CNC machine tools – connection to control systems Heidenhein, Fanuc
  • 4 manual workers in the MECHANICS department
  • 5 single-purpose machines at the DELÍRNA center
  • 5 forging lines – sister company ALPER
  • 3 large-area LCDs – Visualizations of work in progress of individual orders
  • 1 x 12 “tablet – mold storage for the center- MECHANICS
  • The system is operated centrally on virtual servers for the companies Kovárna VIVA Zlín and ALPER Prostějov
  • Kiosks for operators, maintenance workers, foremen: 30 pieces, screen size 24.5 “using RFID 125kHz and barcode readers

Current scope of maintenance monitoring

  • 800 maintenance objects
  • Asset structure is divided into five levels
  • 2 large LCD screens
  • The registration of performed activities takes place at two maintenance workshops and at production kiosks
  • ALPER uses 2 tablets with a native Android application

In 2022, the systems continue to be expanded to other production sections and maintenance facilities.

Benefits of an implemented solution for production monitoring

  • Automated online data collection from forging lines and tool shops with integrated fault maintenance, RFID authentication and CR readers (order development, plan fulfillment, OEE)
  • Integration for Orders, Drawing Documentation, Forgings Database, Discrepancies
  • Monitoring the production plan and the state of preparation of tools for individual forging lines
  • Paperless documentation (display of current drawings and technological data)
  • Visualization of the status of production and maintenance orders
  • Automatic transfer of production orders to the ERP system
  • Visualization and reporting (introduction of shop floor management)
  • Real-time monitoring and escalation of alarm conditions (email, SMS)
  • Motivational – Evaluation system – automated calculation of surcharges and their visualization at kiosks with a managerial superstructure
  • Connection of PM Toolkit with maintenance information system (automatic reporting of the need for service intervention)

Implemented processes within the VIVA and ALPER maintenance system

  • Corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance, time, measure and cycle
  • Use of so-called “checklists”
  • Management of failures found during preventive inspections
  • Overhauls and reconstructions, planned repairs
  • Production support processes – inductor exchanges
  • Revisions, failures from revisions, inclusion and exclusion of equipment from the register
  • Implemented interface to the warehouse module in ERP ABAS so-called warehouse mirroring
  • Maintenance workers depreciate used spare parts in EAM. The resulting movements (expenditure, return) are approved by the maintenance manager and subsequently transferred to the ABAS ABAS accounting.
  • Integration of several warehouses (warehouses ND, electrical warehouse, …)
  • Visualization of the current state of maintenance condition of lines (existence of failures, orders)
  • Visualization of current orders (information about the order, what needs to be realized, if someone is already working on the order, time worked by the employee)
  • Visualization of maintenance status on shift. Data read directly from attendance, visualization when the employee came to work and whether he is currently working on the order and on what equipment
  • ALPER – Mobile maintenance, use tablets with a native Android application
  • Executives use only mobile devices. All the information needed for the implementation is available on the mobile device
  • At the same time, in the mobile device, they write off the hours worked in the form of start / stop, write-off of spare parts from the warehouse using a Bar or QR code

Customer statement

Ivan Sklenárik

Head of the Development and Industrial Engineering DepartmentKovárna VIVA a.s.

Thanks to the PMT system, we obtain data directly from the machines and can monitor production in real time. The current connection with the ERP system makes it possible to monitor the utilization of individual workplaces and compliance with performance standards, which brings a more accurate allocation of capacity in the production plan. Undistorted data also point to the most common causes of downtime. By eliminating the causes of these downtimes, production capacity is increased at the same operating costs. “

The Infor EAM software solution with the iWi extension helped us a lot in the digitization of maintenance processes. For asset management, we have the opportunity to have all the data in one system. We now have a database of requirements in the form of a helpdesk, we plan preventive, predictive and other inspections, we obtain online real and measurable data on all machines, equipment and activities that take place across our company. We see the history of repairs and all activities, including the breakdown of specific maintenance workers, their electronic work report and specific staffing. We are able to plan work for both individuals and groups of people. The system is also connected to the warehouse management and allows us online access to all spare parts, their issue, receipt and placement in specific positions in the warehouse. At KPIs, we can find out not only the parameters of machine operability (MTTR, MTBF, MTTR, MTTD), but also quantify events in the system for finances and then compare real and actual costs with planned ones.

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