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Linaset has been present on the market for more than 65 years. The company is a tradition, fully integrated supplier of complex projects for the automotive and other industries. It produces high-quality technical moldings, injection molds for the processing of thermoplastics and thermosets and completes construction sets, final products. It operates its production in two plants with a total production area of 10,000 m2 in two production plants located in the cities of the Czech Republic: Budišov nad Budišovkou and Bruntál.

Production portfolio

  • Production of molds and injection molds
  • Production of technical moldings using thermoplastic injection technologies, including 2K injection
  • Production of technical moldings using injection and direct molding technologies for thermo sets, including BMC and SMC materials
  • Assembly of components, including ultrasonic welding and laser and pad printing
  • Service and repair of molds and tools

Problems of the past

  • Limited data collection
  • Records of actions only on paper, laborious evaluation
  • Absence of TPM method
  • Absence of online data monitoring
  • Problem with traceability of import data

How did it all start?

  • It was 2012 and Linaset has been looking for a solution for a data collection and evaluation towards OEE for a long time. The company was looking for a solution that could be in their hands and did not have to be tied to the source code and the prescribed form of visualization.
  • In 2013, Linaset started cooperating with a company from Žilina, which deals with the optimization of production and maintenance processes as well as coaching of key people – IPA Slovakia. As INSEKO and IPA were already cooperating on several joint projects at that time, the ideal solution at that time was to carry out a reference visit to one of PM TOOLKIIT’s customers from the Slovak Republic, who had used PM TOOLKIT for a long time.
  • After completing the reference visit, a business carousel was launched, which concluded that a pilot project for monitoring 8 selected injection molding machines would be implemented at the Budišov nad Budišovkou plant.
  • After successful completion and evaluation of the pilot project, a roll-out for other key production facilities was gradually implemented.
  • Monitoring status today:
    • 56 injection molding machines – Arburg, Engel, KraussMaffei
    • 25 thermosets – Arburg, Engel, KraussMaffei, CBJ, FAHR BUCHER, LAUFFER
    • 9 CNC machines – Heidenhein – Tool shop
    • 30 manual workplaces – assembly
    • 3 robotic workplaces.
  • The system is operated centrally on virtual servers
  • Operators have at their disposal +20 All-IN-ONE PCs – kiosks in sizes from 15 “to 21.5”.
  • In addition to the Operators, the kiosks are also used by Sorters, Masters and Qualifiers
  • RFID technology at Kiosks – 125kHz
  • New ideas from key users are constantly being incorporated
  • Integrated to the internal parent system

General benefits of the implemented PM TOOLKIT solution

  • Production control online, visualization on large LCD screens in each hall
  • Accurate reliable and unbiased information
  • Records of all downtime
  • Fresh OEE, quality is recorded continuously
  • Introduction of an operation log for Operators
  • Multilingual environment for the operator (Polish, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Czech)
  • Analysis of production cycles revealed reserves
  • Revised standards increased productivity after a few months of monitoring
  • Optimized SMED – advanced analyzes, data for optimization
  • Acceleration of Reactor reaction times
  • Basis for the payment of remuneration linked to OEE
  • Detailed reporting
  • Implementation of Autonomous Machine Maintenance as part of the TPM, including sending e-mails to defined persons in case the task is not completed
  • Introduction of a module for electronic distribution of documents, guidelines linked to the registration of a specific person with an RFID attendance card
  • Incorporation of the established production process into an automated electronic system

The PM TOOLKIT solution made it possible to carry out a complete “paperless production”, ie the complete digitization of production took place in connection with the superior system.

Customer statement

Miroslav Slivka

Head of the main productionLinaset, a.s.

Networking of machines, data collection and subsequent application of feedback to the process moves the entire production one level up in the efficiency and quality of management. Today, it is an integral part of production management with a direct impact on the efficiency of production processes and the impact on the entire corporate culture.

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