EAM in the gas environment

NAFTA is the 6th largest gas storage operator in Europe. The company is active in Europe, where it operates underground storage facilities and participates in renewable energy storage projects. In addition to Slovakia, it is also active in the Czech Republic, Germany, the United Kingdom and Ukraine.

Reasons for deploying the Maintance Information System

  • The original system was insufficient
  • 2012 requirement for professional maintenance software to enable:
    • records approx. 30,000 objects
    • implementation of more than 10,000 maintenance interventions per year
    • integration with technical and economic systems in society
    • detailed records of works, costs and their evaluation
    • The system is designed for the daily work of dispatchers, technicians, maintenance workers and managers
    • System with support for work planning at the level of weeks / days
  • The result of a several-month tender was a decision for Infor EAM

Implementation process

  • The system was implemented in 2012. The basis was the registration of objects in the system, the start of preventive maintenance and the capture and reporting of faults. Interfaces to SAP and technology (SCADA systems) were gradually added. After the implementation, the system was further developed, for example, by adding e-books for managing records for the mining office, linking to the documentation system (M files) or by tailor-made development according to the users of the system. Following the acquisition of storage facilities in Bavaria, this system was also deployed in this subsidiary. The implementation was covered by Inseko.
  • The system continues to evolve towards mobile and paperless maintenance.

Benefits of a maintenance information system

  • Complete records of all maintenance objects
  • Overview and evaluation of costs
  • Simplify work based on integration with SAP and SCADA systems
  • Reduction of administrative burdens
  • Support for maintenance and management

Customer Statement

Pavol Habala

Head of Maintenance ManagementNAFTA a.s.

At our company, Infor EAM provides effective support to operations, technicians, foremen, dispatchers, as well as managers and controllers. The goal is for everyone at their level to have comprehensive, compact and up-to-date online information. Specifically, the system provides data on activities on the facilities in operation, (eg who, what, when, where and how performed / will perform, for what time and with what priority…). It also summarizes comprehensive information about the devices, their current status (including current availability or failure – the basis for dispatch control), as well as historical data. These are all inputs for various analyzes, (staff capacity, costs, equipment availability, equipment status,…). But we also have a comparison of history, current plans and predictions for the future. Furthermore, the system helps to plan work on a daily basis, but also during major technological outages. It also serves as a basis for dispatch control, safety evaluation, change management, covers calibration protocols, contains a database of safety or metrological equipment and the like. We build everything gradually according to the emerging requirements and our capabilities.

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