Identification of bottlenecks

OEE measurements indicate hidden capacities of machinery, resp. technology. Targeted optimization will increase throughput and speed up the entire production flow. If you are considering buying additional production equipment or adding a work shift, measuring bottleneck efficiency will put objective information in your hands for further decision making.


Shortening the production cycle

Transparent display of efficiency levels allows you to improve production processes in a targeted and systematic way. Thanks to the continuous measurement of OEE, you will see the effect of your improvements "live" and you can check whether their employees comply with them for a long time. You manage the entire optimization process efficiently. You will produce more products at the same fixed costs.


Visualization of compliance with standards

The performance of each employee is expressed in terms of objectively measured value. You can motivate employees based on facts that everyone can verify. Keeping employees informed will allow you to focus on performance and more easily achieve the goals you set for them. We know from experience that by visualizing performance, you will contribute to peace in the workplace and eliminate discussions about the amount of employee remuneration.


Changing operator behavior

You will get true and objective information about the number and length of downtime. Production equipment and workers are constantly monitored. The very introduction of automatic monitoring will increase the work discipline of the operator.


Data for use in Microsoft Power BI

You get the ability to automatically synchronize key data from the PM Toolkit with a specialized Microsoft Power BI visualization and reporting application.


Connection with ERP system

Experience with integration: SAP, HELIOS, IFS, QAD, SAP Business One, NAVISION, AXAPTA, K2, ABAS and others. Two-way connection with the superior system allows to expand the possibilities of monitoring and evaluation of other production information.

The main advantage of the solution is

that it provides users with accurate, reliable and unbiased information on the state of use of specific production facilities.


guaranteed increase in productivity in the first year


improving the quality of production


achieved availability of production equipment


save administration time

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Case studies


KOFOLA a.s., - the solution enabled the company's process engineers to focus on vulnerabilities, optimize processes and have a significant impact on increasing efficiency.

Case studies

Bonatrans Group, a.s.

Quality management requires quality data." "We don't need to monitor people at work, we just need to monitor the work of machines." Miroslav Svoboda, Industrial Engineer.

Case studies

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