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Web applications

We are happy to implement web applications for business environments, portals, visualizations, support applications for various processes.


Mobile applications

Design your application that will help you with your business. We will be happy to help you with it ...


Systems integration

Achieve increased efficiency of your processes by integrating business applications into one unit.


Real time applications

Do you need to monitor and manage technological processes in real time? Try it with us.


Data visualization

Do you want to have comprehensive reports on what is happening in your company? We provide solutions for visualizations, dashboards and reporting.


Development environment

We use state-of-the-art technologies that take into account current trends and security.

Software development

On-demand development is tailor-made for virtually every one of our customers, as the Czechoslovak market in particular is very specific and if key people are creative, we are able to respond flexibly to their suggestions and deliver quality solutions for a reasonable price. However, there are exceptions that have an unlimited budget, in which case it is appropriate to say only one thing: "a house in Prague for money".


satisfaction with the quality of the final solution


satisfaction with the price of our development services


guarantee of the agreed implementation date


a chance to fully realize the needs of zou or the managment of the company, do not be afraid to ask

Our customers

We are proud that dozens of companies have chosen us as partners in their projects, from small STARTUPS to multinational corporations…

Case studies

Bonatrans Group, a.s.

"Quality data is needed for good management." "We don't need to monitor people at work, we just need to monitor the work of machines."

Case studies

ZKW Slovakia s.r.o.

Creation of a specialized web portal for reporting and registration of requests related to VTZ (dedicated technical equipment).


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In the case of interest in our services or solutions, please fill out the contact form. We will respond to all messages and will ranswear to you as soon as possible.

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