PM Toolkit and iWi – innovative tools for continuous improvement

GHH-Bonatrans is the largest European and only Czech manufacturer of railway wheelsets and their parts. Our dominant position is the result of hard work, high product quality and a desire for success and growth. The development and production of wheelsets requires special knowledge, experience and constant self-improvement. Our expertise has evolved over many decades and cannot be easily transferred or imitated. It is the core of our services. We perceive the production of bicycles and wheelsets as a “running” process, with many changes and challenges. Our internal engine is an innovative approach that helps us keep our products at the top of our industry.

Problems of the past

  • Lack of a tool for evaluating the collection of production data, which would be based on hard data with chronological traceability in real time.
  • Difficult to evaluate human resource efficiency.
  • Complex maintenance management of a large machine park.
  • Reduced clarity of maintenance planning.
  • Complicated access of maintenance workers to the overview of spare parts of the repaired equipment.

PM Toolkit and iWi implementation process

  • The PMT pilot was implemented on a wheel line with automatic handling, the rollout was gradually implemented across all operations of machining and assembly lines.
  • Specific requirements for integration with PMT, PIS and IFS.
  • DB PMT migration to Oracle.
  • Implementation of iWi web maintenance management for the pilot line.
  • Deployment of iWi mobile application.
  • Rollout iWi

Benefits of PMT

  • Thanks to our deep knowledge of machines and their control systems, we record signals to identify productive and unproductive production times.
  • Detailed and clear statistical analysis of individual stages of production allow us to focus on increasing the efficiency of production equipment, increasing labor productivity and, ultimately, on optimizing time consumption standards.
  • Historically comparable data available for further analysis.
  • In the PMToolit program, in addition to an overview of production and downtime, we also record the time of operators’ work on individual machines. Worklogy is still used to calculate wages.
  • Visualizations in the application and on LED screens are an information and motivational element

Benefits of iWi

  • Digitization of all maintenance requirements with access from the web environment
  • Streamlining the maintenance management process.
  • An overview of all performed performances of maintenance workers and realistic reports of staff workload.
  • An overview of compatible spare parts for the device being repaired directly from the iWi application.
  • Inserting photos to the order directly from the iWi application.
  • Documentation available from iWi.
  • Device repair history available from iWi.
  • An overview of all remaining maintenance orders with their color differentiation and prioritization.
  • Planning a preventive maintenance schedule down to the level of individual activities for employees.
  • Maintenance order checklists.
  • Data transfer to IFS for maintenance cost evaluation.

The innovative PM Toolkit and iWi are used for continuous improvement and are already an integral part of our work resources.

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Miroslav Svoboda

Industrial EngineerBonatrans Group, a.s.

“Quality data is needed for good management.” “We don’t need to monitor people at work, we just need to monitor the work of machines.”

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