Why iWi?


Data under control

All obtained data are archived in the database and ready for export in the required format.


Less paperwork

Absolute demolition of paper, everything is recorded electronically.


Satisfied audit

By implementing such a solution, the customer has prepared the relevant documents for the Audit de-facto immediately.


Performance monitoring

By using a PDA, the customer has full control over the employees who perform maintenance and can continuously evaluate their efficiency, ie the effectiveness of working time.


Address reporting

Operators enter fault reports directly into the application from the hall = speeding up and refining the flow of information.



Extended functionality for the web in modules: Requestor, Manager - scheduling, Panel, Report. Add-on application for IOS, Android, Windows.

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Paperless maintenance

... so that the maintenance worker is as unobtrusive as possible with the administration associated with the performance record and at the same time that there is sufficient information in the information system necessary for the operational management of the maintenance process and for the needs of evaluation and reporting.

10 %

reduction on the reaction times

15 %

more money you make by monitoring and evaluating performance

20 %

time employees gain by automating inventory managment

40 %

of your time you can devote to more useful activities, just use the module – Reporting

Our customers

Case studies

Bonatrans Group, a.s.

"Quality data is needed for good management." "We don't need to monitor people at work, we just need to monitor the work of machines."

Case studies

IAC Group (Slovakia) s.r.o.

International Automotive Components (IAC) has more than 160 years of tradition in the field of automotive interiors. It is a global operations that include approximately 60 branches in 18 countries.

Case studies

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